a great friend, temendous musician and one of the most positive people I know.
the woodwind and brasswind's site.  great prices on everything.
a great site to read about what's going on in the jazz world
a true virtuoso clarinetist, great musician and a wonderful human being
Curtis Swift is a tremendously talented guy, but very humble. If you need anything transcribed , check out Curtis. His prices are reasonble and he has quite the list of solos that he has already done.
Jamey Aebersold's site.  Almost every book on learning about and playing jazz that you could ever want.
one of the most amazing players out there. Check out Bert
a new site that my friend and great writer Bill Siegel has started to make people aware of Jim Pepper, his music and legacy. Bill is a very talented guy and he's got great taste.........he loves Jim Pepper's music!
Jay is a great trumpet player and saxophonist.  He plays with an ease that only comes with experience.  He has become a legend in the northwest and tours often in Japan. Check out Jay!
what can I say about Phil Woods...............he's just the greatest and a real inspiration.
Tim Price says if he wins the lottery he's gonna make an album with Charles and Phil Woods.
I would love to hear that one.............Charles is one of the greats that truly deserves wider recognition.
check out this site............and when in NYC stop by Roberto's store. It's one of the coolest you will ever enter...........and the people treat you nice...........and Roberto is a killer repairman!
the greatest music store in Boston.  check out their site, then when you are in Boston stop by and see Emilio Lyons, the Sax Doctor!

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